Friday, August 19, 2011

Hoping it's accurate

So I have added a few things that I was surprised to have omitted before: meals at Upper Room, Evangel Hall and the Caribbean Catholic Church.

But there's still some stuff out there that has escaped the map and the calendar:
  • This church next to the value village at Bloor and... is it Lansdowne? I think they've got Sunday dinners. I went to one of these and it was very preachy and musical but comfy.
  • Sanctuary on Charles St. Sanctuary is now on the calendar!
  • There's another place downtown that I think is on friday evenings, stays going very very late with a movie and then you can sleep over there on the floor. Kind of a strange place. The staff kept rearranging the tables to accommodate the varying traffic levels.
If anyone has any info on these places or other ones, that's what the anonymous comments feature below is for!

- Yours Truly, the Ultramarginalized

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