Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hungry poor VS the PDF file format

Seems like the people who put together meal program information just love the PDF file format, even though the PDF file format really hates the poor and homeless. Just hates us. It wants us to go hungry. It wants us to suffer. The 311 information site as well as the city hall website is all about dishing out useless, badly-formatted, often-garbled, heavy-as-fuck PDFs that don't work so well on ghetto public computers.

So if you're in the dubious position of having to publish a schedule for your meal program or other services, do us a favor:

1. Make a Google Calendar with your schedule.
2. Use the Embed code that Google Calendar gives you to place the calendar into your website.
3. Use the Calendar print function to bring up a print-out, and then use the Print To PDF command thing in your print thing. I'd love to provide better instructions, but every single print box is different. If you don't see any "print to PDF" type things in there, get the newest Acrobat installer (they have a new version about every ten minutes) and install it with all them shitty options on - prepare for reduced performance all 'round.
4. Someone in your organization will complain about the increased accessibility of your schedule. Tell them you were having to waste too much time getting back to people by e-mail about the programs because people are "too badly-educated" to be able to deal with PDFs.

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