Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Church of the Redeemer

The Church of the Redeemer, at Bloor and Avenue, holds breakfast and lunch programs every weekday... except for holidays. They're also closed from August 6, reopening on September 16 this year - that's their annual summer break.

Directions, from their site: "We are located just on the corner of Avenue Rd. and Bloor St. West (our address is 162 Bloor St. W). On your first visit, enter through the SIDE DOOR of the church that faces Avenue Rd. You will go down a small flight of stairs and enter into a hallway that will lead you to our drop-in space. If you are in a wheelchair or need to take our lift down into the basement, please let someone know outside, and we will come up to assist you at the side of the church."

Church of the Redeemer website's drop-in page.

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