Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Hungry Civic Holiday

This one hit without much warning. A holiday of some sort that's got drop-ins across the city shut down.

It's a really bad time for the Toronto Drop-In Network website to be down:

Fortunately, the holiday meals list has been hosted on the website!

St. Felix and the Good Shepherd stay open during holidays, so they're the only thing that's likely to be open. Everything else is in "show up at the door and find out" mode.

There's no way for anyone to get alerts about holiday closures, so when this happens, people go hungry. So definitely hit the Sisters (St. Felix) and the Shepherd. And also, it's a great time to dumpster dive.

Good luck. Get over to the Shepherd right now.

Apologies to the 15 people that visited this site already today. The information on the calendar is misleading. A note has been added to it about closures. One meal program has been updated - the others are unconfirmed. St. Stephen's corner drop-in is probably closed.

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