Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The New Vegetarian Food Bank

A vegetarian food bank for anyone who claims to be vegetarian or "trying to be" vegetarian. The next opening will be their third. Their first two were positioned on a funny date of the month: right after ODSP comes out. In a way, it was a good idea: reward people for their good planning, remind us that we're gonna run out of food money anyway, might as well get started with the free food early in the pay cycle, and maybe showing those who receive no benefits a bit of a break. But still, it was a bit confounding. Now they're planning on having it on the third saturday of each month. So... right when everybody's hurting real bad and it's hard to get anywhere or do anything. They're gonna get fucking swamped.

It's at 270 GERRARD ST. E., mercifully late in the day between noon and 4pm. It takes forever to get screened and wait for the food. But it's a big haul. Bring a big backpack or something. Bring bags full of bags. They've also been serving some great soups.

The site is http://tvfb.ca/, not http://www.vegfoodbank.ca/

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