Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Toronto Meal Programs continues to gain traffic... it's getting closer and closer to profitability!

"Profitability?" Yeah. Profitability. As in, at some point, this site is going to get so much traffic that it'll be able to generate money from advertisements, and that money will go to some kind of food security initiative. Best case, we might one day see a 27-hour organic soup kitchen (just a window, really), funded through this site and some other fundraising efforts. That'd be the day.

So these days, the site gets about fourty page views a day. So that's like... twenty people visiting the front page, then going to the calendar. Or ten people checking out the calendar plus three articles each. Something like that. It's peaking at around 200+ pageviews on some busy days, and there's still some days that are so dead that nobody visits the site. But those are becoming more and more rare. The curve you can see in the usage chart below shows how the site gets used a bit more at the beginning and end of each month... that's probably entirely due to the extremely popular article about ODSP payment dates. Because it's the only article that tells the public, accurately, when ODSP payments are released. The government keeps that information a secret. So that's an article that isn't even about meal programs, but already it's gotten over 1300 page views, and a ton of comments.

Here's the main searches that are bringing people to the site, over the past month (pretty typical):

odsp payment dates
odsp payment dates 2015
odsp payment dates 2015 direct deposit
free meals toronto
odsp dates 2015
when does odsp come out
do ontario disability cheques come out before cheistmas

The most common search term that brings people to the site is "free meals toronto," second most popular is the ODSP payment dates thing, third most popular is "free food toronto."

At this point, if there are any organizations interested in sponsoring a meal or something in exchange for ad space on this site, it's time to get in touch.

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