Friday, July 2, 2010

Upper Room saturdays!

For those who don't know, I'd like to introduce you to the Upper Room at the Toronto Alliance Church.

It's at 602 Queen Street West, on the north side of Queen, just west of Bathurst. It's not the most obvious doorway ever, so here's a Google Street View link and embedded picture for it:

It's right there under "mac fab" ...the barred up one to the left of that seated guy.

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So the deal is, every saturday evening at 5:30pm.

NOTE: It was every second saturday for awhile, now it's back to weekly. Yay!

AND they have a no-questions-asked food bank AND clothing bank. This is definitely one of the better clothing banks around! There will often be a nurse in there to do foot washing and stuff too!

After about an hour of dinner, they break out the instruments and start singing Christian music, with the lyrics on an overhead projector. And there's always a sermon as well. They're gracious enough to allow you plenty of time to ram your gullet full of - honestly - some of the best soup kitchen fare in town, before they start the service, so if you're averse to religious stuff, show up early.


  1. Why do you think it's all right to make fun of religions? By the way, it's spelled "Hare Krishna," and I'm atheist, so while I may have my opinion of people who believe in non-existant entities, I don't make fun of them for how they present themselves, their racial or ethnic makeup or their method of indoctrination, which every religion does.

    1. So true! The insulting language in the original article has been replaced. Thank you for catching this.