Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quiche and fixed computers at Christie/Ossington Neighborhood Center

They were serving Quiche for lunch today at the Christie Ossington Neighborhood Center, along with some nice green beans. And all their main floor computers now work! Incredible. Plus everybody got a whole quiche to take home. Good day at C/O.

Some others things you may not know about this great spot:
  • They have laundry services. You might get lucky and show up when it's not in use, but they have a signup thing so you can schedule yourself some time with the laundry room.
  • There's a music recording studio and more computers downstairs in their "LOFT" youth program area. They don't have drums or a lot of instruments in the recording room like they do at Sketch, but their staff is pretty savvy and they've got some good electronic gear and a nice vocal booth.
  • Their breakfast situation is really tight - they'll often have fresh fruit up in there too.

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