Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can't eat soy or dairy?

You may not be able to get any nourishment out of our meal programs, then. You might have to choose between sickness and starvation. And if you ask about it, or volunteer to help offer another alternative, you'd better be in an extra stable, diplomatic mood. Otherwise, you never know what could happen. You could get flipped out at by staff or volunteers, harassed by other patrons, and you could get banned for going into a fit about it because you're starving, you have blood sugar "issues" because all you've been given is sugar, coffee, donuts and peanut butter (the cheap kind with the icing sugar in it), all of which, by the way, make you a pretty normal specimen, within our species' median psychophysiology spectrum.

You already know you can't expect to get by without committing theft, unless you eat meat and cheap bread. You won't find a whole article about a no-brainier like that on this "site." So you have to pick the most socially responsible and least socially acceptable and most visibly criminal means of getting affordable (read: free) food into your life: dumpster diving.

(cue hip documentary rock)

Dumpster diving 101:
If I post a great dumpster diving map, they'll all get shut down. It's like finding drug dealers. You either have to find an "in" and not seem like a public servant, or you have to go behind every grocery store you know of and find out whether or not they lock up, grind up, or serve up the edible unsaleables out there.

But you already know that bit.

Ok so you want to have a bike. Don't lock it up right at the dumpster. Don't talk to anyone who talks to you. Just pack up quick and leave. You'll have to look long and hard to find out what your legal rights are if police interrupt you. There are a few things not to trust for accuracy on any legal matters: websites, including government ones, police officers, attorneys. But it goes without saying: it's not your opportunity to campaign or convince. Just be nice and make the whole thing a good thing for them, so after you leave they can see that the place is better off. And if anyone tells you they're afraid of legal liability, that's the only thing you're allowed to respond to, ok? And you have to tell them: there is no applicable precedent for that. You don't have to tell them about how that was a lie seeded to increase waste.

Our economy is founded on three principals: enforced waste, fake need, and centralized control. Maybe someday we'll be able to establish a capitalist economy in a democratic state! But if our country sinks into revolution and civil war, then we may never see capitalism or democracy in Canada or the world.

And the fact that this seems off-topic, that's also part of the same massive fraud and embezzlement regime that dominates our lives. Our starvation, our schizophrenia, our angry outbursts, our unplanned, unborn children... It's all an essential part of the gambit. We've been played hard. But we've known it all our lives, too. That we were being played, and that the perps were, too.

So, yeah. If you can't eat soy or dairy, and you have to choose between sickness or starvation, blame the Roman Empire. You don't need a time machine to do it.

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