Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day Food Run

So. The calendar can't be trusted, and it's 10:40, and the Scott Mission is serving their first of two meals of the day. The other one is at 11:30 (entry is cut off at 11:45), and other than that, none of Toronto's meal programs are accurately represented on this site. Some of them will run their normal schedule, some will have special meals, and some will have nothing today. Most of them will have announced their Victoria Day weekend schedules verbally during their drop in programming, over the past week or two. Of the programs surveyed (CONC, Evangel Hall, and Good Shepherd Ministries), none have made any special schedule announcements on the Internet or through any client notification system. If a program's phone number or email address is unmonitored, it could be either because the program is not running, or because it is. And Toronto's 211 telephone service or emergency service information, can no longer be dialed from payphones, quarter or no quarter.

So it would be nice to see some crime stats for holidays like this... Stuff like property theft, mugging, garbage theft etc.

Garbage theft is my food security plan for the day. What's yours?

What is it??? Say what it is using the anonymous comment feature on this page! Drop some kind of hint! Disclose the information! But not dumpster locations. I'm talking about special free meals specific to this holiday.

Luckily, the Toronto Drop-In Network released an update, which has been photographed and attached to this post.

Just a few examples: Evangel Hall, the Good Shepherd, Scott Mission and Christie Ossington Neighbourhood are all open. CONC is serving their lunch from 1pm - 2pm (their weekend hours).

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