Monday, June 11, 2012

Central/Western Toronto's Sunday Free Dinner Circuit

Free meals are like old cars. Sometimes you need a few of them to make one good one.

So here's how you can get one really good dinner, and maybe a midnight snack, by hitting up this sequence of Sunday evening dinners. You will need a bike. Don't try to do this on the TTC.

  1. Hit either the church at Roncesvalles and Wright, or Evangelhall, at 5:30. You can't do both. Hey, if you do, put in a comment at the bottom and tell us how it's done.
  2. Hit the 6:30 dinner at the building that looks like a community center, in the park on the south side of OCAD and the AGO. If you happen to go between the end of May and the beginning of November (or is it October?), you'll have to sign up as an overnight guest to get the full dinner. Otherwise, they'll send you packing. Packing a bag lunch, that is. But no, you want the dinner. Who knows what it's like to stay there, probably better than Seaton "Satan" House. So anyway, sign up to stay there and grab the dinner.
  3. And if you can make it, nab a (probably) nice dinner at the church across from the firehall, at the corner of College and Bellevue. And a ton of coffee and sweets. And show up early for an interesting sermon. It's interesting to see what Christians want to tell the poor just before feeding them. Same thing with the first place mentioned in Step 1.
Here's the bike route. It starts out in the center of Bellevue Square Park (the big park in Kensington Market), for no good reason other than to recommend Dundas instead of College or Queen for Sunday evening cycling. Unless you're one of these people who likes to bike slow next to the parked car doors that could open at any time and kill you. In that case, use the death trap bike lanes on College. Hey, if you're one of those people, don't try to make it out to Ronces. Just go to Evangelhall.

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