Sunday, June 10, 2012

St. Felix pulls out all the stops!!

What a great lunch at St Felix today!!! Amazing sandwich, amazing soup, great eggs with potato bits... And as if to say "we forgive you for freaking out at us last time and feel bad about how we acted," they hooked me up with a double-sized double double!!

I even managed to ignore the guy who was offended by my sweatiness! So nice to be able to ignore people, because I know how incomfortable it makes me feel when someone ignores me, especially when I'm trying to antagonize them! Thanks to wednesday afternoon Kung Fu at Masaryk Cowan community centre!!! It's the only thing that's relieved me off constant fear of attack that's oppressed the living daylights out of me. Hey, when we make jobs that offer people unsupervised access to children, an then make sure that they can't call investigations on each-other, we should expect it to be magnet for criminals. And we should expect to see a generation of people like me, who can't get through a meeting with the boss without picturing him or her throwing a punch, right out of the blue.

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