Friday, July 13, 2012

Payday at the Shepherd

It's Friday, June 29th. The welfare cheques went out a few days ago, and the ODSP ones went out yesterday or today or something.

If you showed up at the shepherd last Friday at 2:06, the line would stretch through the hall, out the door, down th street and around the corner.

Today? No line. So the question is, when do the lines start to ramp up again? For those camped out in the wretchedly toxic Don Valley, where the foxes play in the forest, the turtles chill in the bushes next to the path, and the poisoned river of doom is patrolled by Canada Geese by day and Beavers (are those Beavers?) by night... it's easy to find out.

Some of them live like aboriginals, others like raccoons (and with raccoons), and some live like hobbits.

The ones you'll never see live like wolves. Others live like ravens. Few people know what ravens are all about.

Anyway: if you're on welfare or ODSP, do yourself a favor: skip your monthly payment party period. Leave your wallet at home. Make an arrangement with your banker. Get a trustee. Whatever. Pay your rent, pay your bills, keep living off nothing, and save all your extra cash. Save it 'till the last few day before your next payday, an before your buddies' benefits paydays. Do all your buying when others are desperate to sell. Do all your debt repayments when everyone else is hurting, physically and mentally and chemically an psychically hurting, for their cheque. Nobody needs an extra smoke during the first half of the cycle. But that six two-six and that half quarter and that big cheek rock two days before payday, and help your buddies get through those days. Just dole it out bit by bit. Don't break it out all at once. That danger time is when all the worst stuff happens, and it's because of withdrawal, hunger and anticipation.

Save your cash 'till just before payday: save your people from their circumstances and weaknesses.

Save your cash: save your people.

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