Monday, June 24, 2013


They do put up a good calendar - it even lists meal times!

And their drop-in page is pretty good.

So they have two meal programs, one in Parkdale at the Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre, and one on Bloor St near Ossington, which is a lot like CONC to the east - a storefront type of place:

Looks like between the two drop-ins, they offer more than 30 hours a week of coverage, which includes meals and a long list of other services.

Sistering is for women only. If there's one thing everyone learns from the soup kitchen scene, it's bravery, and women have to be especially brave to even start to venture into the scene. Sexual and gender harassment, and violence, are on the table, so to speak, so it's important to have a sprinkling of segregation here and there.

There are plenty of programs specifically for youth, men over 50, men only, LGBTQ and even just T people, and there are probably some secret Chinese ones, and of course, specific religious ones, etc. It'd be good to get the full range on this site, because 'etc' is a painful substitute. And it's silly that Sistering has taken so long to get here. It's in all the other listings, and this site is supposed to offer some coverage. But it did start with the programs that are open to absolutely everyone, and branched out. It needs to keep doing that.

Unfortunately, their email doesn't work:

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