Sunday, June 30, 2013

The519 Sunday Breakfast & Monday MealTrans meal programs closed due to pride.

This is a great way to make Pride less accessible to the poor - suspend the free meals in the Village!

Of course, it's understandable. All the staff are busy with Pride related stuff. But it's funny how as soon as there's a holiday or something, the first thing that gets dropped is meal programs. So, for poor people, holidays and festivals are confusing, frustrating, hungry times.

That's why it's nice that St. Felix made the move to maintain most of their hours during holidays. Too bad they're not open on Sundays. And no $1 dinners. They just do lunch.

So this is going to be a very, very hungry Sunday for a lot of people. Many of those who use The519's meals aren't comfortable at the Good Shepherd, and the Shepherd doesn't offer an actual breakfast meal anyway, just a lot of sugar, dough and coffee - a great way to set poor people up for the day. Exactly what all us depressed schitzophrenics need to prepare us for an awesome downtown celebration like Pride. Crippling hunger, dizzying coffee and sugar rush, harsh sun, public partying.

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