Tuesday, July 8, 2014

$10 days

So many times I've promised myself OK I'm not gonna binge and purge again with money. I'm not gonna spend all my money and then be broke at the end of the month. Not this time.

It could be $20/day, if I didn't have to buy anything that costs more than $20. That'd be nice. But since there's bike locks to get (none of which are worth buying if they're under $40), unpaid utilities, and at some point I need a real mattress, it's going to have to be a mix. A bunch of spending at the beginning of the month, but not as much as usual, and then I have a daily budget.

On day 5, the idea that, on the day before payday, I'll have $10 to spend just like I did today, is really amazing. It's comforting.

The idea is, if I go a day without having to spend anything, I'll be ahead by $10. I'll wake up the next day with $10 actually saved. Banked. So that means I get to have a $20 day, or two $15 days, or someday, maybe, move that $10 over to my savings account. That would be pretty amazing.

The theory is that if I can deal with budgeting on a small scale like this, maybe I'll be able to actually increase my funds over time. Maybe if I know I can deal with a small amount of money, other people will get the sense that I should be paid for working. Sometimes it seems like employers can tell that I'm bad with my money, no matter how much or how little I have, and so they know not to give me any.

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