Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This website is getting craploads of traffic, which is great, yay

It's easy enough to lie about this kind of thing. Of course. But here's an update on the kind of web traffic that this site is getting. It's impressive. It's gratifying. It's dangerous. The more popular and used the site becomes, the closer it comes to getting shut down. Why would it get shut down? Because it's useful to clients, and because it reports on the problems with the way services are provided. It may be exposing practices that go against agreements that were made in order to ensure funding. It may expose stakeholders to risk. If and when it does get shut down, it'll just pop up under some other free publishing service, but then it'll take time for that to become easy to search for, and the information will have to be reassembled.

Anyway, here's some screenshots of Blogger's awesome "stats" service, showing how much this site gets used. These screenshots are of statistics taken from the entire lifetime of the site.

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