Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holiday Schedule Blues Wrap-up

The surprising thing was, on Monday, St. Felix was open. And it had been removed from the meal calendar on this site because it's typically closed on Mondays. So that was a mistake. Others were probably made, too.

The Taoist temple also served their 4pm supper, which was great. It was left on the schedule because they typically don't observe western holidays. Thank goodness for cultural diversity!

The update about Monday's schedule may or may not have made it to the front page of this site and stayed there all day. It was found in draft form just now, and then published, so who knows whether it was of any use to anyone. Hopefully, it was.

And hopefully, this site will at some point be the definitive guide to food security during the holidays, as well as the rest of the time, and all the seasonal changes will be accurate as well. It would be nice if it could at least keep its users up to speed on how fresh and accurate it is at any given time.

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