Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oasis Dufferin at like 5pm, not 6:30

So apparently 6:30 is now way too late to show up... suddenly they want to do things on-time and say "oh yeah there's no food left... oh what, you need a plate? ohh... I don't know if you'll find anything..." to those who show up without having been there in awhile, at exactly the time they were told to show up previously... this is so common in soup kitchens... it's like... if it's gonna change, you gotta have a grace period where you accommodate late arrivals for awhile. People spend TOKENS to get there and we arrive HUNGRY. Many of us have been robbed of our impulse control, by chemical exposure, by blows to the head, by birth defects, whatever, and hunger will do that too. So if you have this like tiny slim half-hour window where you can show up, and it changes from one month to the next, and a lot of your guests come once every month or so...?

Anyway the atmosphere is uncommonly warm and relaxed, and the food is very decent. They also have a food bank that's open each wednesday. You can only go once a month, of course, and it's only a backpack's worth of food, of course, but the Daily Bread stuff they have on offer seems to be getting better over time, and not worse. Hopefully that's an accurate assessment and not just desperate thinking.

It's at like... 1219 Dufferin, east side of Dufferin, just south of Dupont.

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