Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day Schedule research

The following places have confirmed their holiday schedule situation:
  • The Stop: Closed on Monday
  • Scott Mission: regular schedule
  • St. Felix: closed on Friday "so we can be open on Monday"
  • Evangel Hall Mission will be open on Monday
  • The Good Shepherd: no schedule changes to the weekend or Monday
As with the holiday earlier this month, the TDIN (Toronto Drop-In Network) has released a bulletin about Labor Day-related meal program changes, and posted it as a PDF that is inaccessible from some computers. So it's been posted here in HTML form:

TDIN's Labour Day Holiday Meals List

The problem is, the Holiday Meals List only covers Monday, and not the other days affected by the Labor Day holiday. And this website stands to do only a marginally better job. The calendar is less accurate than the information on this page, which is not very comprehensive.

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