Sunday, November 8, 2015

A few legit comments have been tagged as spam, sorry... it's been fixed

So... Blogger's a bit funny sometimes... it tries to help out, you know... but it tagged a few people's posts as spam, omitting them for that reason. It didn't catch any actual spam, either. This, added to the fact that their search feature absolutely will not work, almost has me reaching for another CMS. Unfortunately, WordPress is an absolute filthy, stinking pile of vomit-encrusted fecal insanity, and the other ones aren't worth mentioning. Unless there's another one that is worth mentioning, in which case, please do mention it below, in the comments. Because at some point, Google is going to realize I'm using their product to criticize my government's murderous weaponization of their benefits programs, and I'll lose my Blogger account. It's like any job, no matter how carefully you follow the rules, there's always something they can nail you on. They make sure of it. So at some point it will need to switch to another service. If things really come down to it, of course, I can just make the whole thing in HTML and CSS. After all, that's what I used to do for a living. Before reality caught up with me.

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