Monday, November 9, 2015

Can The Stop take the lining up out of lining up?

The Stop is trying something monumental. They're trying to innovate their way into a more convenient food bank experience. They're trying to hack one of society's most evil necessary evils: the line. And they might have succeeded.

So here's their scheme: they just don't throw people's tickets out of the stack if they're not around when their number's called. They just keep calling everybody's numbers, in order, until they're at the end of the list, and then they start over. Apparently. This is the before-actually-experiencing-it article. So the idea is, you decide when you want to come back, and whenever you do come back, your wait time will be quick enough that, overall, you're spending less time waiting, and you're not waiting until significantly later in the day to complete the task.

The schedule, as of late 2015, is:

10am hand out numbers for the food bank
11am food bank starts up
noon: lunch in their meal program
Food bank numbers are called all afternoon. They're called in sequence, even if they've already been called and the person hasn't been there. So people can bail out and come back whenever they want in the afternoon, and whenever they come back, their place in line has basically been held.
3pm they close, so you can show up at 10am and then go do some other stuff, and come pick up your food in the afternoon. So you can avoid the entire lunch scene, if you want.

Everybody be warned and tell your pregnant or breastfeeding friends that Wednesdays is on reserve for them. If you're not pregnant or breastfeeding, don't come Wednesdays.

And they're not doing the food bank on Tuesdays anymore. So it's just Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Also, men really should consider going to the monday men's cooking program. Because apart from learning cooking stuff, you get a meal during the program, and at least another meal to take home with you, so that's two meals just for learning some kitchen stuff.

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